CEO Update, 4th October 2017


Life carries on whilst we continue to wait for the next government to be determined and it’s certainly true in health that there is always plenty to do to distract us from the politics of the time.  However, it’s also a fact that at least the next 3 years of direction and funding in the health sector will be determined by the parties who make up the next coalition government so let’s hope that we have certainty and clear leadership within the next couple of weeks for the sake of the health of all New Zealanders.
In this edition you’ll see that we’ve included the second article in the series based on the Australian Digital Health Strategy where we’ve gained valuable advice from three Kiwi based companies making progress in Australia. As the process is underway to develop New Zealand’s Digital Health Strategy it is important to understand the similarities and differences on both sides of the Tasman.  I’m often told by Australian-based members that the New Zealand health sector is far too complex for such a small country and the comments in this second article seem to bear this out when compared to their experiences in Australia.
The HiNZ conference is just over a month away so in the next two newsletters we’re featuring news from NZHIT members who are sponsoring and supporting the conference.  This is the most important health technology conference in New Zealand and it’s very pleasing to see so much support being provided by our members.  It is a strong signal of the growing levels of partnership and collaboration occurring across all parts of the sector. Whilst it may be a complex little place to operate in there is no doubt that we’ve got a vibrant network of members all striving to enable a healthier New Zealand.

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