Fire Up Your Courage and Share Your Innovation!


Now's the time to fire up your courage and share your innovation! Enter the NZ Innovation Awards.

C'mon New Zealand, we know you're out there! You may be developing a new product or service or running a global multinational. Regardless of where you are at in your business cycle, we want to help you to shine! So, seriously, don't be shy, tell us about how your innovation is changing the world...even if it's one little step at a time.

Entries Close Friday 28 July

Why Enter - here's a battery of reasons!

  • Gain heaps of profile! It's a great feeling to have your name up in lights. We love to shout about you, and our friends from Idealog and Mediaworks are VERY good at shouting! 
  • Get savvy business advice. We have a fabulous team of evaluators on board who take the time to give every entry tips on how to grow your business - make the most of their expertise.
  • Challenge your thinking.  We have designed the entry from so that it's super easy to enter! Taking the time to enter can help you identify gaps and improvements across your business.
  • Meet very cool people. Entering the awards means that you are an integral part of our Innovation family, which provides you with access and introductions to investors, innovation experts, forums and events. Opportunities abound!
  • Attract and retain top talent - Who doesn't want to work for cutting edge innovative companies, make sure you are top of the list.

Preparing Your Entry - We can help...

Visit the New Zealand Innovation Awards HOW TO ENTER page, where you can download an ENTRY TEMPLATE for use when drafting your entry and view the EVALUATION CRITERIA.

If you have any questions about the awards you can visit the FAQ page 
or call to chat with Andy or Fiona on 0800 2 INNOVATE or on phone: 09 636 8269.

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