Flexibility and ease of use key to health software success


Noted, a fresh take on electronic record keeping, is proving popular with a wide range of health and social sector service providers.

Released commercially in mid-2017 Noted is the preferred choice of the majority of Dementia New Zealand affiliates and a deal for its members has recently been closed with Acupuncture New Zealand. It is also enjoying steady growth from private clinics.

The software builds on concepts developed by Noted Ltd founder and CEO Scott Pearson, who wanted a system to better track outcomes during normal clinical practice.

Following on from previous funding totalling $915,000, Noted raised a further $900,000 of funding in June this year via crowdfunding site PledgeMe. This will allow Noted Ltd to continue to expand its capability. The company is expected to grow from a current seven staff to 15 by the end of 2018.

Potential users of the product range from those working in medical specialities to various allied health professions, social workers and even personal trainers. Those already using Noted are impressed with how flexible and easy it is to use, Pearson says.

“Noted captures a client’s data in context specific, dynamic structured forms. The forms can easily be adapted for use by any type of health worker. This enables each user to work the way they want to while collaborating every effectively with workers in other disciplines.

“This makes Noted an attractive option for a broad range of organisations, from single practitioner clinics to large, distributed teams.”

Pearson says there are many advantages to the way Noted works, including consistent note taking, compliance and the potential for data mining.

“Our customers tell us that the forms support their workers to take more consistent, comprehensive notes. They also allow health and social sector workers to demonstrate they have followed procedure, which can be important when there is a legal challenge.

“Structured data is much easier for computers to query than natural language meaning Noted has incredible potential for data reporting and analysis, including outcome tracking.”

Signing up was a no-brainer says Howard Vickridge, Manager Dementia Waikato.

“Noted offered us a development path for a customised system more quickly and cheaply than any other option we’d explored,” he says.

“Scott and the team have been phenomenal in their responsiveness and support, accelerating their development to put in the functions we need. As a result we now have an off-the-shelf system that can also be applied in other organisations across the health sector and beyond.”

Dr Greg Harmsworth of Lakes Skin Cancer Clinic in Cromwell says, “I had been searching unsuccessfully for six years for a system that would allow me to complete patient notes in real time during consultation.

“An online search located Noted, which looked really promising. It is now meeting all my clinical requirements and is really quick, intuitive and simple to use.”  

Xiao Meng from Newtown Acupuncture in Wellington has been using Noted since it became available.

"Noted makes it much easier and faster to take notes that meet ACC requirements,” he says. I also really like its ability switch forms between English and Chinese language."  

Caption: Florian Bosselmann, Chief Technical Officer (left) and Scott Pearson CEO, who have built Noted from bright idea to customer-endorsed commercial product

For more information phone Scott Pearson, phone 021 634 567, email scott@notedemr.com or website www.notedemr.com

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