Health Quality & Safety Commission e-digest – Issue 64 [8–21 March 2017]





Issue 64
8–21 March 2017

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Quality and safety improvement

Reducing harm

Reporting and commentary


Quality and safety improvement

Choosing Wisely symposium on next week


The first Choosing Wisely symposium is to be held in New Zealand next week.

The one-day symposium at Te Papa in Wellington on Thursday 30 March will feature keynote speaker Professor Wendy Levinson. Prof Levinson is the chair and co-founder of Choosing Wisely Canada.

Choosing Wisely focuses on areas where evidence shows that a test, treatment or procedure provides little or no benefit to a patient and could even cause harm.

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Reducing harm

How-to guide: Reducing opioid-related harm through the use of care bundles


We have released a how-to guide, supporting the use and testing of four emerging care bundles to reduce opioid-related harm. The bundles (and associated resources) were developed as part of our 18-month-long safe use of opioids national ‘formative’ collaborate (teams pictured above).

The four bundles are:

  1. uncontrolled pain emerging care bundle
  2. opioid-induced ventilatory impairment emerging care bundle 
  3. opioid-induced constipation emerging care bundle
  4. emerging composite care bundle to reduce opioid-induced related harm.

Check out the bundles at a glance, the full guide or the webinar introducing the resources >>


Hand Hygiene NZ – findings from the 2016 survey


In August 2016 we surveyed district health boards (DHBs) to gain a better understanding of their approach in delivering the Hand Hygiene NZ programme.

We would like to thank all the DHBs for participating. We now have a much clearer picture of auditing practice, which helps us to identify areas where we can lend further support.

Check out the survey findings >>


Systematic review of a patient care bundle in reducing staphylococcal infections in cardiac and orthopaedic surgery


A review article, co-authored by members of our surgical site infection improvement programme, has been published in the ANZ Journal of Surgery (February 2017). 

The article summarises the systematic review of a patient care bundle in reducing staphylococcal infections in cardiac and orthopaedic surgery undertaken by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons on behalf of the Commission.

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Fight antibiotic resistance is focus of World Hand Hygiene Day 2017

'Fight antibiotic resistance – it’s in your hands' is the theme of this year’s World Hand Hygiene Day on 5 May. The day is coordinated by the World Health Organization.

The theme of the day aligns with the aim of our national hand hygiene programme, which is to reduce healthcare associated infections and prevent the spread of antibiotic resistance microorganisms within health settings.

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New community pharmacist appointed to medication safety expert advisory group


We welcome Gareth Frew as the new community pharmacist on our medication safety expert advisory group, which provides independent clinical expert advice to the medication safety programme. 

Gareth is the clinical leader for Canterbury Community Pharmacy Group, an organisation tasked with developing and delivering enhanced pharmacy services in the community. It's great to have Gareth on board!

Find out more about the expert advisory group >>


Reporting and commentary

New report: clinical governance – guidance for health and disability providers


We have just released a guidance document that sets out a high-level framework for clinical governance in health and disability services in New Zealand.

The guide is to help all health and disability providers, regardless of size and complexity, provide accountability for continually improving their services and delivering a high standard of care.


Find out more  >>



Upcoming events calendar


We have developed a table capturing Commission events over the next 12 months, including expert advisory and steering group meetings. This is regularly updated and we hope it assists with planning.

Choosing Wisely – implementation symposium 

30 March 2017 (Te Papa, Wellington)

The symposium will feature Choosing Wisely international chair Professor Wendy Levinson as a keynote speaker. Choosing Wisely focuses on areas where evidence shows that a test, treatment or procedure provides little or no benefit to a patient and could even cause harm.

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Adverse events review workshop 

30–31 March 2017 (Sudima Hotel, Auckland Airport)

The workshop is relevant to all health sector staff who undertake reviews on serious adverse events, and would like to understand and master the essential components of a high-quality review. 

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FallsStop – free seminar about falls reduction with Anne-Marie Hill

3–7 April 2017 (Dunedin, Wellington, Auckland)

Essential HelpCare is kindly sponsoring this seminar series to allow free entry.

FallsStop is a free seminar about reducing falls in hospital and other care settings, designed for hospital falls champions, nursing management, and physiotherapy, gerontology and aged care representatives. The programme includes a presentation from guest speaker Associate Professor Anne-Marie Hill and an interactive 'Care with dignity' workshop led by Whanganui DHB.

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Open Forum with Dr Karen Hitchcock: May you never grow old

10 April 2017 (Te Papa, Wellington)

Join Dr Karen Hitchcock and New Zealand experts to discuss and debate both the importance and the role of older people in New Zealand, and the implications for improving the quality and safety of our health care system.

Find out more >>

Open Forum: Atlas of Variation, maps to better care

9 May 2017 (Te Papa, Wellington)

Please join us for an Open Forum: International Speaker Series about atlas variation. Professor Thérèse Stukel and Dr Dominik Von Stillfried will set the scene for a day focused on variations analyses, atlases of health care variation and how they can be used to address variation. 

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Perioperative Mortality Review Committee/Safe Surgery NZ 2017 workshop

21 June 2017 (Te Papa, Wellington)

Registration is now open for the joint workshop of the Perioperative Mortality Review Committee and Safe Surgery NZ. The theme of the day will be ‘Making the wise choice simple’. Bring your team and learn about the latest evidence. Early bird rates available if you book by 26 May.

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