HL7 New Zealand - Spring 2017 Update




It’s been a highly significant year for Health Level Seven International (HL7®) and a busy one for our local affiliate HL7NZ, so it’s time for a seasonal update to our growing group of members and industry partners.
March saw Release 3 of the HL7® FHIR® specification that’s taking the world by storm and plans are already well underway for Release 4 in late 2018 which will contain the first normative content. You can review the progress of this project, and the significant part played by HL7NZ, in the Reports from the International Working Group meetings that we’ve attended this year. Last month’s Plenary Meeting in San Diego also saw the International Board make the significant announcement that FHIR is now the “primary” HL7 standard. While that does not mean that other standards have been deprecated overnight (version 2 messaging, in particular, is likely to have a long usage tail), it sets an important strategic direction for the organisation.
Locally, our initial focus has been on increasing membership based upon the value proposition now displayed on the Membership Benefits page of our Web Site. Dovetailed with this has been the formation of stronger and formal relationships with other key sector partners, in the form of MoUs signed with both HINZ and, NZHIT. In addition to reciprocal membership benefits, this has enabled our organisations to produce coordinated news updates and event schedules for the sector.
A broader membership and partnership base are essential pre-requisites for HL7NZ to play an active role in the creation of the localised artefacts (national extensions, profiles, etc.) that will enable FHIR to meet the interoperability requirements of the Digital Health Work Programme, notably the creation of open APIs. To that end, we are also in the process of formalising a process with HISO that will convert these artefacts into New Zealand standards.
As a starting point in this process, we are keen to determine the best means of engaging with our members and invite you to contribute to either the FHIR Artefacts Space of the HL7NZ Confluence Site and/or the NZ Stream of the FHIR Chat Site. Initial discussions have focused on Naming System Identifiers (e.g. how we define NHI and HPI numbers in APIs), but broader contributions (e.g. candidates for NZ extensions and profiles) are most welcome.
In terms of education, we held a series of informal workshops in Canterbury in March and our annual mid-year seminar in Auckland in May. Presentations from the later event are available here. We will also have a strong presence at this year’s HINZ Conference, initially with our October 31st Seminar NZ Clinicians on FHIR and then at Booth #15 in the Exhibition Hall.
Finally, advance notice that our 2017 Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 6th November at Sysmex NZ, 386 Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland, commencing at 4pm.
See you all soon!
Peter Jordan, Chair HL7NZ
October 2017



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