Ministry of Health releases the 4th Draft of the Digital Health Strategy


Draft 4 of the digital health strategy incorporates changes based on the feedback from the previous draft and other reviews. It now splits the strategy (which will evolve over time but not be constantly changing) from the supporting content that will be frequently added to.

Many of you are involved in providing input to the development of this strategy and I encourage as many members as possible to make sure you have your say. The Ministry of Health is carrying out an excellent process to ensure as much feedback is received as possible whilst providing for the ongoing evolution of the strategy that takes into account the nature of the health technology environment.

You can access copies of the draft strategy documents and provide feedback as you see fit. You can also become part of the on-line Loomio community that is an excellent way to read what others are saying about the strategy and make your own comments as well.

Click here for a link to Loomio

MOH - Digital Health Strategy - Fourth Draft MOH - Digital Health Strategy - Fourth Draft (1144 KB)

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