NZHIT Board Elections, 2017 - Nominee Information


As an Incorporated Society our constitution provides for six Board members to be elected by the NZHIT membership.  Elected Board members hold their position for a two-year term and there is a rotation process in place (to ensure governance continuity) that has three elected positions become available at the Annual General Meeting each year.  NZHIT Board membership is a voluntary role and all Board members make a significant contribution to the success of the organisation and work in the best interests of members, stakeholders and the health sector.

Having called for nominations from NZHIT Members the following are the nominees who are putting themselves forward for the election process.  The three successful nominees will be announced at the NZHIT AGM to be held on the 23rd of November 2017 at 4.00pm – 5.00pm in Auckland.

To find out more about each nominee please take the time to read through their profiles that follow in this document. 


A word from the outgoing NZHIT Chair, Jodi Mitchell

It has been a privilege to have been involved as a NZHIT Board member for the past 9 years, 4 of those as Chair.  Whilst it is with a tinge of sadness that I’m now stepping away from this level of involvement I am extremely heartened by the high calibre people who have put themselves forward for election to the Board. 

As the representative body for the health IT industry sector we play a very important part in representing the interests of our members whilst working in collaboration across the health and social care environments to play our part in enabling a healthier New Zealand.  It is therefore important that our Board is made up of a cross-section of the NZHIT membership whilst also bringing strong governance skills to the table. 

Looking to the future of both NZHIT and its contribution to the health and social sectors the Board also needs to be strong in the areas of commercial experience, marketing, innovation and export-led growth; along with bringing a diversity of networks that will assist to achieve the organisation’s goals.

Additionally, Board members play an active role in supporting the CEO when it comes to growing the membership and representing the health IT sector at various events, so we need people who can firmly promote the benefits of membership.

Being on the NZHIT Board is a big responsibility and demonstrates a commitment to this country’s future health and wellbeing.  Casting your vote brings with it a similar level of responsibility and I encourage you to review all the profiles carefully and choose the three nominees who you believe will continue to advance NZHIT’s work, help to grow the organisation further, bring a collaborative approach whilst providing the required business and governance nous that this role demands.

Many thanks and all the best for the future.

Jodi Mitchell



Please note that the order of ranking in the list below has been randomly selected




Ross Peat

HealthSoft NZ and HealthSoft Australia

Executive Chair and Co-owner

Mike Weiss

Konnect NET

Chief Executive Officer

Russell Craig

Microsoft NZ

National Technology Officer

Brett Bailey

Spark Digital

Client Director Health and Local Government

John Ross

Comprehensive Care

Chief Executive Officer

Dean Rawle

Vodafone New Zealand

Business Development Manager, Enterprise and Government

Virginia Mitchell

Advanced Management Systems Ltd (AMS)

Account Director for Health

Ahmad Jubbawey

Vensa Health

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Will Barnett

Change Healthcare

Global Product Manager

Steve Vlok


Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Diana Siew

Auckland Bioengineering Institute

Strategic Partnerships Lead

Paul Jepson

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

Chief Information Officer

Member entities are entitled to cast their vote to select three of the above nominees.  The election process commences on the 30th October 2017 and the electronic voting system will be sent to the listed Primary Contact for each member entity for completion. Voting closes at the end of business on the 14 November 2017 and the successful nominees will be announced at the AGM on the 23rd of November 2017 (details as above).

Ross Peat, Executive Director and Co-owner
HEALTHSOFT New Zealand and HEALTHSOFT Australia 


Ross is executive director and co-owner of the HealthSoft pharmacy platform companies which develop and market the RxOne solutions in New Zealand and Australia. He has extensive public-sector governance experience and is currently deputy chair of REANNZ (govt-owned specialist telco focussed on universities and crown research agencies) and is a former deputy chair of the Crown-owned Institute of Environmental and Scientific Research Ltd (ESR).

Ross is active in start-up and angel investment and is founding investor and investment committee member of the Tuhua Ventures Fund (part of the Icehouse ecosystem) and is a member of the Ice Angels. He is also a director of AUT Ventures Ltd. He has had extensive experience with multi-national tech companies and is a former CEO of Microsoft New Zealand (2002 to 2006). 

Why vote for me?

  • I’m passionate about the clear and present opportunities for delivering better healthcare outcomes for patients/consumers - with the right mix of personal services and digital technologies.

  • I appreciate the issues and challenges that small and medium health IT providers experience in both serving and complying with Government requirements on both sides of the Tasman.

  • I have broad experience and personal networks in IT sector executive management, and in public sector and industry sector governance.

  • I’ve personally experienced the risk and rewards of the very sharp end of tech start-up and angel investing and have extensive networks in this sector including connectivity into Asia/China.

I’d be delighted to serve on the NZHIT board to assist members deliver great health outcomes in NZ, to grow their businesses profitably and to reach new markets.

Mike Weiss, Chief Executive Officer

Mike is an experienced executive with a strong background in insurance, medical claims, technology and business-to-business engagement. He is currently the CEO of Konnect NET, where he successfully navigated an industry-wide solution to a full 100% market share.

This company epitomises the broadening stakeholder group of the NZHIT membership, with its juxtaposition to the Health Sector, Government and the Insurance funders.

Mike is also a dedicated waka ama (outrigger) paddler and has won gold medals in Hawaii (2016) and New York (2015) and would happily talk about training and paddling technique if you had the time.

Why vote for me?

  • My career includes companies at various stages of growth, turnaround and change, start-up and established.

  • I have strong experience and networks in both the insurance and healthcare sectors, which helps me relate to, and impartially represent, a wide range of interests.

  • I have a reputation for building engagement and effectively collaborating to achieve a better outcome for all parties.

  • As a Board member, I seek a new level of insight and commercial astuteness to overcome the challenges of the day, adopting a systemic view that achieves in the short-term and simultaneously builds towards the long-term objectives.


Russell Craig, National Technology Officer

Russell is Microsoft New Zealand’s National Technology Officer.  He works with regulators and policy-makers on a wide range of technology issues.

Russell’s career features a mix of private and public-sector roles including:

  • Leading development of the original New Zealand e‑government programme while at the State Services Commission
  • Working for the OECD’s e-Government programme in Paris.
  • Leading the Ministry of Health’s sector-facing Information Strategy and Policy team in 2006/07. In this role Russell led New Zealand’s participation in creating SNOMED International. Russell then served as New Zealand’s first Director of the organisation.
  • Working for Cisco Systems in Hong Kong and then London as a strategic advisor to the company’s top public and private sector customers. 

Russell regularly engages with the Ministry of Health – most recently in relation to its policy regarding cloud services where he successfully advocated for change on behalf of the NZ health IT industry. 

Looking forward, Russell will continue to work with Microsoft’s global healthcare team to enable digital transformation across the NZ health system, and support local health IT vendors to develop innovative products and services that are locally and globally relevant.

Why vote for me?

  • I’m a huge believer in the importance of the New Zealand health IT industry to the future of the NZ health system, and am committed to maximising members’ opportunities to deliver to their full potential. 

  • I’m passionate about ensuring that government policy does not distort the market and crowd out the ability of our members to successfully compete and win business. 

  • I’m also committed to ensuring that NZHIT members have the greatest possible opportunity to develop innovative products and services that have global market relevance.

Brett Bailey, Client Director Health and Local Government

Brett holds accountability for the promotion and advancement of healthcare, managing a range of both direct and indirect resources that are focused on digital health advancement for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

Brett has a keen interest and appreciation of the health sector and health IT. He leads a sales team providing smart technology outcomes for businesses across the Health, Education, and Local Government sectors.

With 25 years local and international sales and marketing experience, Brett was an early participant in the Internet industry and has been involved with the conception, establishment and development of many digital enterprises.

After helping to establish the Wellington office of New Zealand's first ISP (ICONZ) Brett moved to Xtra and then Telecom New Zealand as an original member of their first business-focused E-commerce initiative.

Why vote for me?

  • I bring a very strong digital and commercial background with a passion for innovation so that technology can enable enhanced health and social outcomes.

  • My experience in building strong digital platforms, international exposure and successes achieved from small to large enterprises will add value to the NZHIT Board and its members.

  • NZHIT is at an exciting phase of its development and is providing important leadership when it comes to raising the levels of understanding and uptake of technology in the health sector.

  • I want to play my part in supporting NZHIT’s leadership role and represent our member’s interests so that we have a strong, vibrant and collaborative network making a difference for all New Zealanders.

  • I also represent Spark’s commitment to the health sector and its support of NZHIT, the network of health IT members and the wider contribution we can all make together.

John Ross, Chief Executive Officer


John has worked pragmatically with many enterprises in New Zealand, Australia and Asia to improve business and leverage technology over the last two decades. His experience includes strategic management, consulting, business development, and information strategy.  Ross has worked to achieve transformational change and demonstrates a collaborative, outcomes-focused approach to achieving stakeholder goals.

John has worked with a broad range of public and private sector businesses in health, education and information technology and is Chief Executive of Comprehensive Care Ltd (CCL) – a primary health network, clinical, management, education and software products and services group with revenues over $50M per annum.

He has recently retired from being a founding Director of High Tech Youth Network Corporation (USA) – a pioneering learning and development community of closely affiliated High Tech Youth Studios and people that support young people and underserved communities across the Oceania region. 

Why vote for me?

  • I believe NZHIT has a key strategic “grass roots” leadership role - to collaborate across the sector, to underpin the implementation of the smart focus of the NZ Health Strategy and equally importantly to capitalise on the huge international opportunities for our member organizations.

  • I have the ability to listen to, and distil, information and to untangle complicated issues and present them in a logical manner, which is a strength that I will bring to NZHIT. 

  • My enthusiasm, vision for the sector, governance and leadership skills will also be of value to support us with increasing our momentum.

Dean Rawle, Business Development Manager, Enterprise and Government
VODAFONE New Zealand

Dean is an energetic leader with more than 25 years of ICT experience. A qualified chartered accountant, he has successfully developed his professional skills, experience and acumen across all parts of business, including commercial, business management, governance, sales, customer and partner relationships, strategy development and execution, and leading an IT services business.

A firm believer in the power of collaboration, Dean strives hard to forge strong partnerships that embrace innovative solutions, achieve mutually beneficial outcomes, and manage ongoing success. Passionate about making a positive contribution to the health and prosperity of New Zealand, Dean has developed relationships across the nation’s health sector including at the national, regional and DHB levels as well as many suppliers and partners.

Why vote for me?

  • I am a strong believer in the power of technology and what it can do to enhance our lives and nowhere is this truer, than for the healthcare industry.

  • Technology is absolutely key to developing and maintaining a sustainable health system that can improve healthcare for all New Zealanders and also provide a viable avenue to export Kiwi solutions to become a leader on the world stage.

  • With my passion for bringing people together to challenge conventional thinking and imagine what could be possible, along with my strong business acumen and insight, I am able to bring a measured, informed and balanced viewpoint to the discussion.

  • I would love the opportunity to apply my skills, experience and energy to help realise NZHIT’s goals. I would greatly appreciate your support to become a NZHIT board member to make a positive contribution to creating a healthier New Zealand.

Virginia Mitchell, Account Director for Health
AMS (Advanced Management Systems) Ltd

AMS provides software to the health sector for the management of their workforce and Virginia works closely with AMS customers including DHBs, PHO’s, private hospitals and radiology groups across New Zealand. 

Virginia has also spent time working in a sales capacity with Australian healthcare providers and understands the challenges of developing markets overseas. She has 20+ years’ experience in technology sales, relationship and sales management with many of those working in health.

Virginia is outcomes driven and has a personal commitment to bringing value to the health sector. 

Why vote for me?

  • I believe in the value NZHIT can add and want to make my contribution to that. 

  • NZHIT members are a vibrant group of health-focused innovators and business leaders and the opportunity to take full advantage within NZ and overseas is significantly increased by collaborating.

  • We must take advantage of our shared capabilities and resources to create value driven solutions to create exposure to larger markets and forums. 

  • I have an action-oriented approach, have relationships across the sector, am passionate about supporting better health outcomes and would love the opportunity to bring my skills and experience to support NZHIT and its strong member network.

Ahmad Jubbawey, CEO

Kiwi entrepreneur, Ahmad Jubbawey is the Founder & CEO of Vensa, a company on a mission of connecting with the world with access to health services to create better well-being for the planet. Ahmad is passionate about improving access to health, he founded the company in 2006 and now is driving a 10-year BHAG of impacting 500+ million people in the world. 

Ahmad has bootstrapped the company to deliver health reminders to over 3million Kiwis to assist them in gaining access to prompt primary care services.  He is currently pivoting the company with, which a tech enabler for a disruptive market model of care. creates a totally different experience for healthcare providers and their patients. GPs can deliver appointment reminders, cashless repeat scripts, lab results, receive online bookings and take online payments and enable virtual consultations.

Why vote for me?

  • I believe that science and innovation is the most significant economic opportunity we have for New Zealand (surpassing legacy dairy industry).

  • I have had discussions with different people from the health system to enable faster innovations for Kiwi companies, testing new innovations quickly and rapidly scaling them quickly in NZ for foreign export!

  • Our market is too small in NZ and we have great innovations waiting to be taken to the World. So, I am a champion for export and global thinking.

  • In addition, our company is looking to play a role in accelerating new ideas through our platform with the 3rd party developer program both nationally and internationally (to be released in 2019).

  • Essentially, I want to see more Kiwis do well on the international stage.

Will Barnett, Global Product Manager


Will is the Global Product Manager for one of the world’s largest, independent healthcare technology companies, Change Healthcare. Will manages their predictive capacity planning solutions, currently being used in hospitals globally as well as in New Zealand.

Prior to joining Change Healthcare, Will was Product Manager for 1CHART at Toniq, one of the first cloud-based electronic medication charting systems in New Zealand to be successfully approved by the Ministry of Health.  1Chart is now being used by GPs, pharmacies and aged care facilities throughout the country. Aside from his involvement in developing successful health technology, Will has a keen interest in the commercial development of New Zealand’s health IT industry and has completed an MSc. in economics and business administration majoring in global innovation management.

Why vote for me?

  • I consider myself a futurist and if we are going to deliver optimal care in New Zealand, whilst competing to global standards, there needs to be better and secure access to information between different systems and providers.

  • Having worked on major health IT systems in both primary and secondary care, I understand the effects of bottlenecked information and the risks that are then passed onto the patient.

  • The only way to change this is for industry partners, alongside government and healthcare providers, to work together on a common goal of interoperability.

  • Whilst focusing on creating a better health IT environment in New Zealand, I believe in fostering economic growth for the country through health IT exports.

  • I have a global understanding in terms of technology and healthcare and believe I can add a fresh perspective to the direction of NZHIT. 


Stephen Vlok, CEO & Co-founder

Steve is the co-founder of Celo, one of New Zealand's most recent and innovative health IT companies. With a background in process engineering, Steve has a passion for creating efficient and effective systems. He believes that improving communication can greatly improve the outcomes of patients in New Zealand and abroad.

Raised in rural New Zealand, and surrounded by a family of healthcare professionals, Steve has witnessed the inefficient forms of communication that are prevalent in the healthcare sector. Working closely with clinicians, Steve has grown Celo from a small start-up to a tool that has become an intrinsic part of many health providers in New Zealand.

 Why vote for me?

  • Having tackled the healthcare sector head-on by forming a start up, I have witnessed first-hand the difficult landscape innovators in health face on a daily basis.

  • I will bring a young and new set of eyes and experience that can aid in helping the New Zealand healthcare sector be more adaptable and supportive of innovative changes that ultimately improve patient outcomes. 

  • I believe that to be able to innovate in the field of healthcare, both clinicians and patients must be involved in the innovation from day one. Celo is evidence of the strengths that come from developing a tool with the customers at the forefront. 

  • My strong relationships with clinicians across New Zealand enables the real problems that are evident in the healthcare sector to be tabled at a NZHIT board level. Clinicians are not always heard despite being the most valuable resource when it comes to building smarter, more efficient and effective health systems.

  • I believe I can play a key role in connecting the clinicians with the health IT sector. 

Diana Siew, Strategic Partnerships Lead,

Diana leads the strategic partnership relationships for the Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI), Auckland University in the medtech area, connecting research to industry, clinicians, investors and government.

The ABI hosts the MedTech Centre of Research Excellence (MedTech CoRE) established in 2015. This is a nationwide partnership with AUT, Universities of Canterbury and Otago, Callaghan Innovation and Victoria University of Wellington focused on helping grow NZ’s medtech sector by taking proven research into clinical applications that serve a need and has a potential commercial outcome.

Diana is an Associate Director of the MedTech CoRE responsible for strategy and partnerships. Alongside the CoRE is the Consortium for Medical Device Technologies (CMDT) that Diana co-founded ( This is a research-industry network started in 2014 to help accelerate collaborations between companies and researchers.

Prior to this, Diana led Industrial Research Limited’s MedTech Group and then was Callaghan Innovation’s National MedTech Sector Manager. 

Why vote for me? 

I have served one 2-year term on the NZHIT Board. In that time, I have –

  • helped the MedTech CoRE researchers better understand the HealthIT and Digital Health industries,
  • contributed to the HRC Refresh, NZ Health Research and Digital Health Strategies advocating for research and industry; and
  • created platforms for industry to come together with the research and clinical communities through the CMDT/MedTech CoRE (e.g. TIKI Tours and MedTech Conversations).
  • I am seeking re-election to continue building ties between the healthtech industry and the research community, and provide a platform to promote industry in my networks.

  • I bring the voice of research and innovation to the NZHIT board table, as well as experience in governance and early-stage commercialisation. I am passionate about the role of technology in healthcare.

Paul Jepson, Chief Information Officer

With over 25 years’ experience in General Management and ICT, Paul is a well-rounded executive with considerable private and public-sector experience in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Paul joined ACC as Chief Information Officer (CIO) in mid-April 2012.  Prior to joining ACC, Paul held the role of CIO at Housing New Zealand. 

Originally from the UK, Paul has held senior management roles at the Ministry of Defence, Prudential Financial Services and British Sky Broadcasting spanning a 25-year career.  He is passionate about, and enjoys, leading the development of technology strategies and working in collaboration with strategic partners to deliver the associated outcomes.

Why vote for me?

  • I am excited about the opportunity to support NZHIT and its member organisations to modernise and digitise the health IT landscape in New Zealand.

  • There are huge opportunities ahead for New Zealand’s Health Sector to embrace the digital age and meet the increasing demands of all customers across the ecosystem. 

  • I believe the NZHIT Board can support member organisations in maximising these opportunities and I believe my skills in driving strategic partnerships will be of significant value in this process. 

  • Organisations represented by NZHIT are also key enablers to the success of ACC’s Healthcare Strategy and I relish the opportunity to work much more closely with these organisations to help drive a more compelling value proposition.

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