NZHIT Updates and Upcoming Events 9th May 2017


NZHIT Updates and Upcoming Events:

Special Announcement – NZHIT Innovation Award 2017
Following the successful launch of the NZHIT Innovation Award in 2016 we are very pleased to once again invite all eligible members to submit an entry to this year’s Award.
The criteria for entry are very similar to last year plus there is added criteria relating to interoperability and standards in relation to the NZ Vision for Interoperability.
Please click here to access the award information document and entry form.
The entries received in 2016 were all of a very high standard and the NZHIT Innovation Awards are an excellent opportunity to showcase the work our members are doing along with their commitment to enabling the quality of healthcare in New Zealand. A key feature of this year’s Awards is that the winner will be announced at the HiNZ Conference being held in Rotorua from the 1st to 3rd of November, 2017.  The audience at the awards ceremony represents a wide cross-section of people from both the national and international health sectors so this is an excellent opportunity to raise your profile.
It’s simple to enter –

  • Complete the 1-page entry form and submit by Friday 19th of May 2017 (this is only to notify us of your intention to submit an entry)
  • Complete and submit your full entry by Friday 30th of June
  • The criteria and supporting tips clearly spell out the key points required for your entry – follow these to make the job easier for yourself and the judges!
  • Your entry is not expected to be a “hundred page” document that takes hours to prepare – a high-level, succinct submission that directly responds to the criteria is all that is needed 

We look forward to receiving your entry and please direct any queries you may have to: 
Scott Arrol, CEO NZHIT
+64 21414631

Last years NZHIT Innovation Award winner going from strength to strength. 
NZHIT congratulates MKM Health and Counties Manukau DHB on decision to implement Patientrack for further information please click

TeachWeek kicks off on 8th June and this year, the CMDT would like to invite you to two MedTalk events hosted by the MedTech Centre of Research Excellence. These are platforms for public discussion on the latest advances in technology and science and how this is changing healthcare now and in the future.

  1. MedTalk – How Big Data is Changing Healthcare, 9th May 2017 (5 to 7 pm) @ Royal NZ Yacht Squadron, Westhaven  

This session will help demystify big data and explain how it is being used for. Our panel will discuss how New Zealand is contributing to next generation healthcare and what outcomes we can expect. Big data is helping to make the world a better place. And while it has been used in other sectors to manage risks and returns, healthcare is a great example where insights from big data are making revolutionary changes. Big data has been used to predict epidemics, cure diseases, improve quality of life and avoid deaths that are preventable. Now the drive is to use Big Data at an individual level to keep people healthy and pick up very early stages of disease where treatments can make a real difference.
We have a great lineup from industry and academia

  • Suzi Shaw Lyons, IBM - artificial intelligence in healthcare;
  • Dr Robyn Whittaker, Waitemata DHB and MedTech CoRE – mobile technology in healthcare
  • Kate Reid, Orion Health – use of data in personalized care
  • Prof Matthew Parsons, Waikato DHB and University of Auckland – community programmes for better health and social outcomes.

Register using this link -

  1. MedTalk – New Innovations in Healthcare and Wellbeing, 11th May 2017 (5 to 7 pm) @ Royal NZ Yacht Squadron, Westhaven

Keeping healthy and staying well is important at the best of times, but another impetus today is to preserve quality of life, particularly as we are now living longer. The advances in biology, medicine and technology, and its convergence is the next place to look for answers. Some exciting research in NZ is nudging us toward solutions to health and wellbeing issues, which will also open up new opportunities for our industries.
Our panel, from the University of Auckland will shed some insights on the latest understanding of some everyday health issues. Come and learn about tinnitus, the persistent ringing in ears and what to do about it from Dr Grant Searchfield, how the microbes in your gut really influences your health from Dr Vinod Suresh and the latest science behind weight gain and metabolism in the body from Dr Troy Merry.
Register using this link -

2017 AmCham DHL Express Success & Innovation Awards
We are pleased to let you know about the 2017 AmCham Awards, which NZHIT supports.  To find out more details, please click the banner below to review more information.

Rural Connectivity Symposium –23 May 2017, Wellington
For further information, click here.

Emerging Tech in Health Symposium –24 May 2017, Wellington
For further information, click here.

HL7NZ Annual Mid Year Seminar - 29 May 2017, Auckland 
For further information, click here.

Fieldays 2017 – Health Village, 14-17 June 2017, Hamilton
For further information, click here.
NZHIT Networking Event, 29 June 2017, Christchurch
For further information, click here.
Microsoft Inspire, 9 - 13 July 2017, Washington D.C., USA
For further information, click here.

Cybersecurity in Health 2017, 1 August, 2017, Auckland
For further information, click here.
NZHIT Networking Event, 24 August 2017, Auckland
For further information, click here.
HiMSS Asia Pacific 2017, 11-14 September, Singapore
For further information, click here.
NZHIT Networking Event, 19 October 2017, Wellington
For further information, click here.
2017 HiNZ Conference - 1-3 November 2017, Rotorua
For further information click here.
NZHIT Networking Event, 14 December 2017, Auckland
For further information, click here.

If you have any questions on any of the above events or news, please do no hesitate to let me know.  Also if you have any news or events that you would like to share with the rest of the NZHIT members or include on our website, please send them through to me.

Kind regards
Talie Schmidt-Geen


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