Over 90 health apps reviewed for usefulness and safety


Press release: 17th May 2018

Ever wondered if the health app you just downloaded actually works?


Kylie Head of Auckland has, and for that reason she started using the new NZ Health App Library on the Health Navigator NZ website that has over 90 reviews of health apps!


A project to review health apps is under way to give New Zealanders the information they need to decide what health apps are the best for them to use.


With over 300,000 health apps available from app stores, it is impossible for users and their healthcare providers to identify the best apps. Yet studies are showing some of these apps can significantly improve outcomes and wellbeing, so the review will make it easier and safer for people like Kylie, and their health professionals to choose health apps.


The Health App Review Project is being led by Health Navigator Charitable Trust, the team behind New Zealand’s popular national health information website, Health Navigator NZ at www.hn.org.nz.


Funded by the Ministry of Health, the project team independently reviews and identifies potentially useful health apps, which is invaluable for health providers and the public alike.


“We have worked with community members and experts to develop a comprehensive review process and, so far, over 90 apps have been reviewed across more than 30 categories from alcohol use to sun safety,” says Health Navigator’s clinical director Dr Janine Bycroft.


Sue Riddle Manager, CVD, diabetes and LTC team at the Ministry of Health says “The app library supports primary care clinicians by identifying health apps that their patients can use to help manage their health”.

The NZ Health App Library is housed on the Health Navigator NZ website, and uses a simple scoring system to assist people accessing the information.


If clinicians or consumers are looking for further assistance on evaluating an app, Dr Bycroft points to a health apps assessment document developed by the Ministry of Health in conjunction with sector stakeholders. The guidance document includes key information for clinicians and consumers to aid in decision making about health apps. In addition it includes key points for developers and teams to consider before deciding to develop a new health app.


Dr Bycroft says she is interested in hearing from health professionals who have a patient success story regarding the use of an app, or a health app they would like reviewed.


“We would love to hear from you. Likewise, if you have an interest in apps and would be willing to review apps in your area of expertise, please contact us,” Dr Bycroft says.


More about Health Navigator NZ

The Health Navigator NZ website was created to help New Zealanders find trusted and reliable health information and provide access to evidence-based online tools and resources for health professionals. It covers health topics, medications, wellbeing and disease prevention topics, as well as health videos and, of course, the NZ Health App Library.







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