Spark taps innovative technology to help Homecare Medical



Spark taps innovative technology to help Homecare Medical deliver telehealth service in just 15 weeks

In the traditional IT world, setting up a 24/7 telehealth service in just 15 weeks is no easy task. But by taking a cloud-first, digital-first approach, Spark and its Revera cloud platform were able to bring both scale and speed to Homecare Medical. 

Using cloud services, virtual desktop as a service and mobility, Spark was able to quickly pull together the communications and service management necessary for Homecare Medical to offer New Zealanders free health, wellbeing and counselling services at any time of the day, week, or year.  

This infrastructure also enabled Homecare Medical to go from 20 to 250 staff,  from 20 computers to several hundred, and from one call centre to five across the country and with 80 nurses working from home. As a result, Homecare Medical now handle 2000 contacts a day – by phone, text, website, web chat, email or Facebook – offering the right care at the right time to New Zealanders. 

Spark’s platform means Homecare Medical doesn’t have to worry about keeping its IT infrastructure up to date, letting it instead focus on delivering quality healthcare. 

“We bring Homecare Medical everything as part of our ongoing service,” says Lance Kirschberg, Spark Health Solutions Specialist, "Andrew and the team don’t need to spend time and money investing in infrastructure – that’s our job. Instead, they can use Spark’s technology to offer New Zealanders excellent clinical care supported by a joined-up service that ‘knows’ them." 

Andrew Slater, CEO of Homecare Medical says, “It was great that Spark was able to be innovative and adaptive enough for us to deliver on time to New Zealanders and the Government.”  

Back in 2014, when Homecare Medical began to look at how they’d build the national service, Slater says there were a couple of mandatories they expected from a technology partner: “We wanted someone innovative and at the cutting edge of digital disruption and technology. We also wanted a partner from New Zealand who cares deeply about New Zealanders’ lives and their health." 

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