Summary of the RNZCGP Digital Summit- November 28 2017


The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners recently hosted an excellent day of learning and envisioning how the primary care sector may utilise technology to help shoulder some of the increasing demands on clinicians.

RNZCGP Medical Director, Dr. Richard Medlicott, said: “the college is really happy with how the day went, and looking forward to building on it. We have to make our own future”.

With over 120 GPs and health sector stakeholders in attendance, and use of polling smartphone technology, the college was able to gain the following insights at the grassroots:

1)   69% of voters wanted “smart, open and seamless updating and sharing of patient data between primary, secondary and social agencies, and with the patient in control (EHR)”.

2)    53% of voters desired ‘Virtual consultations with their own GP’

3)    51% of voters asked for technologies which allowed ‘GPs able to easily collaborate virtually with hospital specialists’ (RNZCGP, 2017).

The world of technology in healthcare is moving fast with discussions of Avatars and biological fax-machines, to current technologies such as secondary ID verification, recall applications, genomics, online advanced care plans and use of patient portals.

With an array of tools already accessible to clinicians and more being developed almost daily, it is important that physicians have access to expert knowledge and guidance.

The RNZCGP provides that leadership, is an expert voice within the sector, and actively engages the sector at the grassroots. To access the presentations from speakers,  visit

Written by: Sarah Zub, NZHIT Member

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