About us

Enabling a Healthier NZ

New Zealand Health IT (NZHIT) was formed in 2002 as a not-for-profit, incorporated society and has grown to become the peak body for the New Zealand digital health industry sector. Our membership represents the majority of digital health companies and organisations operating in New Zealand as well as a broad cross-section of healthcare providers, consultancies, legal, insurance, banking, government, regional agencies and international companies with an interest in New Zealand's health sector.

This strong network brings together custodianship of nearly 100% of this country's health related data and we work collaboratively across the health sector to position digital health technologies as a key enabler of quality health and social care services. Our members make a significant contribution to, and investment in, the development and implementation of innovative digital health solutions to support and enable the future direction of health delivery, both in New Zealand and internationally.  

Our vision is to have a vibrant member network that makes its contribution towards "Enabling a Healthier New Zealand". Our purpose is to provide leadership through a strong voice for the sector, build trusted collaborative relationships and deliver value back to our members and stakeholders.

Our Board
NZHIT members are represented by an experienced and highly capable Board of Directors (6 elected and 2 co-opted) who provide their time voluntarily for the benefit of the network and New Zealand's healthcare sector

Our People
We work hard to provide value to NZHIT members through the delivery of a wide range of benefits as well as work with stakeholders to build trusted, collaborative relationships that positions technology as a key enabler

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The strong network of NZHIT members work collaboratively to provide solutions to enable the health and wellbeing of people living in New Zealand and Globally