sanjana vyavaharkar

Student in my final year, majoring in Population Health and Statistics at the University of Auckland
Part time

Gordon Munro

Primary Care level. Technology focussed
Primary Care level. Technology focussed

Stephen Murray

General Manager
Full time

Louise Woods

Business Development Manager, Regional Manager
Full Time

Dr Mandy Lacy

Benefits Realisation Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Project Management, Research, Quality Assurance, Post-Implementation Reviews Contract
Full time or part time
+64 (0) 273981744

Garrick Dunsbee

Software Engineer - Java/Spring, software engineer with 8 years experience, mostly using a Java, Spring, Hibernate, GWT stack.

Chris Abbott

PM or BA role
Full time or part time 021654344

Simon Upton

Highly experienced IT PM
Fulltime 021599027

Robert Ambrose

Intermediate/Senior Software Developer
Full Time 02102508246

Joe Gu

Experience of R, Python and SQL for data modelling, data analysis and data visualization
Full time, part time, contract 0204536666

Vishwa Jani

Graduate / Project management

Christiana Torricelli

Community Based Longer-term Recovery planning (Local Authority, Public Health and Voluntary Sector)
Full time/part time/contract/consultant

Dr Karolyn Kerr

Health Informatics, Strategic Data Management, role Consultant
+64 21 991 843

C V R Shastry

Graduate role/ Health Informatics

Sherry Tung

Senior Business Analyst

Michael Hosking

senior clinical informatics specialist, senior digital health specialist, senior clinical business analyst, product manager, user experience researcher, health IT standards advisor
Ph 021729162

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