"Encouraging Collaboration & Sparking Connections" - A Deloitte Business Chemistry Workshop

May 27, 2021
Deloitte Centre, 80 Queen Street, Auckland

Encouraging collaboration and sparking connections

Join us for a Deloitte Business Chemistry Workshop

Thursday 27th May, 5-7pm

Deloitte Centre, 80 Queen Street, Auckland

For women, professional success in the world of technology often hinges on navigating the unspoken and often conflicting “rules of the road”, where some working and communication styles may be more valued than others. And yet each of us brings a unique, valuable approach to the way we innovate, foster relationships and create value across our organisations and communities.​

Deloitte’s Business Chemistry survey is an analytics-driven tool for understanding and leveraging the power of our diverse working styles. Throughout the last decade it has been used by hundreds of thousands of professionals across the globe to build healthier teams, enhance stakeholder engagements and become more effective leaders.

Our time together will be facilitated by Sally Schmall, who began her career in academic medicine as a clinical social worker and behavioural science faculty member in Emergency Medicine before transitioning into organisational consulting specialising in executive leadership development and strategic workforce planning in healthcare. A recent immigrant from the United States she is now embracing life as a Kiwi and leads the Deloitte Greenhouse where innovation and disruption happen by design.

Join us for an engaging, thought-provoking and fun networking session that will highlight your work style strengths, and show

  • Tickets are $45 each ($35 for students)
  • Drinks and nibbles will be served
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