"2030 and Beyond" NZHIT Summit and Networking Event

October 30, 2020
October 30, 2020
Registration opens at 8:00am & pr
Spark City, Level 5 Yellow, 167 Victoria Street West

"2030 and Beyond"

The Inaugural NZHIT Summit

30 October 2020 - Auckland

Note - this was previously posted as being held on the 28th of October but Covid-19 has forced a change to Friday 30th October, 2020 (we know, Covid gets blamed for everything!)

Join us for this 1-day Summit that will focus on the future of health technology; how, what and why we need to achieve full tech enablement to help create a world class health, disability and social system.

Speakers will cover topics such as -

* The NZ HealthTech Opportunities Report - update on key opportunities and calls to action.

* Full tech enablement - is this an actual thing?

* Business and funding models - what do these need to look like so you can survive and thrive, not crash and burn.

* Innovation - how to tap into the power of people (the health customer), how today's 15 year old's will influence more change than you think.

* The Value Proposition - it might not be what you think it is.

* Export - untapping its full potential, health technology surpassing $5 billion export earnings by 2030!

* The Headcount Paradigm - what is this and how does tech change it?

And, to reward you for spending this action packed day with us the programme will end with a networking event where you'll be able to connect with friends, colleagues, speakers and others - chew the fat, tell your lockdown stories and unwind.

Speakers will be announced as they are confirmed and include -

* Shayne Hunter, Deputy Director General, Data and Digital, NZ Ministry of Health

* Lloyd McCann, CEO and Head of Digital Health, Mercy Radiology/Healthcare holdings Limited

* Dr Will Reedy, Chief Executive Officer, Spark Health

* Scott Arrol, Chief Executive Officer, NZHIT

The full programme is being finalised and will be released prior to the Summit's date.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and based on Auckland being at Level 2, total attendance is currently limited to 100 people. The Covid levels will be monitored and any related changes announced as they occur.

Hence, we urge you to not delay in registering to secure your attendance at the inaugural NZHIT Summit.

A big thanks to Spark Health for their sponsorship of the NZHIT Summit and Networking Event as this means that there is NO REGISTRATION COST for delegates!

Please note this is a NZHIT Members only and invited guest event.

For further enquiries please contact Scott Arrol, CEO, NZHIT +64 21 414 631 scott@nzhit.nz
Lloyd McCann

Director of Medical Services at Mercy Ascot

Shayne Hunter

Deputy-Director General, Data & Digital at Ministry of Health New Zealand

Dr Will Reedy

Director of digital health at Spark

Scott Arrol

Chief Executive Officer

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