Special interest groups

NZHIT Virtual Health Industry Group

This industry group was established within NZHIT to focus on the delivery of ‘Virtual Health Care’ within the New Zealand health sector. The group aims to provide leadership, strategic advice and guidance in the Health sector where it can be supported through Virtual Health solutions, and advocate for the advancement of sustainable solutions that enable the delivery of effective and efficient virtual health services in New Zealand.

John Ashley

Chair Person

NZHIT Digital Enablers Industry Group

Representative of the industry organisations that provide Information Security and Privacy related solutions and services for the NZ health sector. The group aims to provide leadership and advice on security and privacy by design solutions and initiatives, work with other sector groups (government and non-government) to share a common narrative on cybersecurity and to encourage and promote the understanding and uptake of advanced technological solutions that align with, and enables, the strategic direction of the NZ health sector, its cybersecurity and patients privacy.

Scott Arrol

Chair Person

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