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"NZHIT provides a great platform for us to forge invaluable connections with a wide variety of stakeholders. This enables us to continue developing innovative tech that solves key problems within the health sector.

Harry Hawke

CEO, Webtools Health

"Being part of NZHIT allows Celo to connect with likeminded innovators, and people that share the common goal of improving the health sector in NZ through IT solutions"

Stephen Vlok

CEO, Celo

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ABE fujimoto

IT, Student

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Anthony Packer


Value proposition

What can NZHIT offer your and your organisation?

You will join a strong network of members and key stakeholders that acts as a collective to provide the voice for the health technology industry sector through leadership, collaboration and delivering value. You will be represented across a number of related sector activities and have the opportunity to be directly involved as well. 

For example, these include the engagement processes with MOH to develop the digitial health strategy and related standards covering the likes of interoperability, connected health and digital identity. You can also be involved in specific special interest groups that represent key areas of the health sector such as the "virtual health industry group" and others (see Interest Group section).

This is all part of our broader strategic leadership position that ensures you are part of an influential network that is a trusted and relevant partner when it comes to enabling the delivery of quality health and social care services. In addition, you will be provided with a range of member benefits such as -

Tailored member plan - we undertake a strategic member session with you to make sure we understand "what makes you and your organisation tick" so that we can tailor defined benefits that will deliver value for your membership of NZHIT.

Core member benefits - these include a range of services including multiple event and workshop choices (free or at a discount to members), information flows (newsletters, updates, news bulletins on the website, etc), introductory services, consultancy and opportunities to engage with a wide range of sector participants.

Website - this is designed to provide a platform to showcase members, their news stories and to make it simple for anyone looking to partner with you.

Download this slide deck that provides an overview of key objectives during 2018-19:

Fee Schedule

The schedule is based on category levels that relate to revenue derived from New Zealand's health and disabilities sector, ACC and the private healthcare market. Please don't hesitate to make contact if you have any queries relating to these categories and the fee schedule.

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The strong network of NZHIT members work collaboratively to provide solutions to enable the health and wellbeing of people living in New Zealand and Globally