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The COVID-19 outbreak is developing rapidly applying huge pressure to healthcare organisations across the world. At Cemplicity, we have developed a free service to capture, monitor and act on the wellbeing of the health workforce.

Refer to this link "Staff Wellbeing"


There is a lot happening in communications to health staff at the moment but we expect this will be a quick, simple way to get a sense of how these critical staff are coping with and feeling about COVID-19 as well as the implications on them.It’s vital that leadership have a real gauge on the effectiveness and the evolving impact of our health professionals.

 How it works: 

  1. Health providers go to this website and register - https://www.covid19staffwellbeing.com
  2. We will send them a smartlink which they will forward in an email to their staff - we can provide a draft of that email to their staff to save time
  3. The smartlink enables us to provide a concise dashboard and insights for their organisation compared to everyone else - check out this survey example here: https://se.cemplicity.com/?u=9429ef3604b84e35a32eb1e8f4fe2ceb
  4. Cemplicity will then send the provider a login to our COVID-19 portal so that they can see the real-time results and benchmarking analytics for their service and how they compare to others. The benchmark is important so they know if any trends in their staff wellbeing and sentiment is similar to everyone else

The system will measure and benchmark their results against regional and national results from other health providers. Management and Executive can then address,target and refine their approaches, funding and actions in real-time and address any areas of concern.

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