Cereus Health Group eyes Kiwi health tech start-ups

Cereus Health Group eyes Kiwi health tech start-ups

A new angel investor is on the look-out for innovative New Zealand health tech start-ups with technologies that improve people’s access to healthcare. 

Cereus Health, wholly owned subsidiary of Cereus Holdings, will bring together existing investments as well as invest in new technologies and healthcare services in New Zealand and internationally. 

Technology entrepreneur Vino Ramayah has used Cereus Holdings as his investment vehicle during the past 20 years to develop, grow and exit health technologies. The latest of those exits is from leading practice management software firm Medtech Global, which was sold to Australia’s Acclivis Group and Advent Partners for an undisclosed sum this month (ed’s note: June 2020). 

Three years ago Mr Ramayah sold Bionova, an Australian manufacturer and distributor to 22 countries of cardiovascular devices, to a NASDAQ-listed company for a commercially confidential amount. 

Mr Ramayah says he was motivated to create the new Cereus Health Group after recent advances from significant international investors, who are interested in what New Zealand has to offer. 

“The investor community in the US, and elsewhere, is becoming increasingly interested in technology and services that can make a measurable difference to people’s access to healthcare and their personalised health information,” Mr Ramayah says. “New Zealand is seen as an ideal test bed for innovations in these areas.” 

First into the group is ManageMyHealth, which was spun out of Medtech Global during the sales process. The personal health software gives individuals access to the personal health records held by their doctor and other healthcare providers. It gives people accurate information about their health status and enables them to manage their own health and well-being together with their healthcare providers.

Mr Ramayah says ManageMyHealth already has 700,000 users in New Zealand and a growing international footprint. In the same way people expect to be able to do internet banking these days, he says it will become as normal for individuals to manage their own personal health records and appointments using internet-based systems. 

Cereus Health will have a market presence in Australia, India, United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States through other Cereus Health technology investments. They include: 

·        MD Analyze, an integrated data analytical tool that provides prospective data tracking for adverse events and complications throughout the patient journey;

·        Consova Corporation, a US based entity that provides healthcare cost containment solutions for employers and health insurers to ensure compliance;

·        VitelMed, a professional telehealth solution that integrates audio, video, and medical devices with an Electronic Medical Record, providing quality remote monitoring in emergencies and rehabilitation of critical and chronically ill patients; and

·        ManageMyBlues, which solution ‘Beating the Blues’ is the most widely used and evidence-based online cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) programme for the treatment of depression. Beating the Blues has been proven to help people suffering with mild and moderate depression to get better and stay better.


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About Cereus Health:

Cereus Health Group is a newly established company that brings together existing health technology investments owned by Cereus Holdings, an investment company based in Auckland, New Zealand. It has technology services and investments in New Zealand, Australia, India, and the United States. The group’s vision is to create a digital platform to transform accessibility to and transparency in health and wellness throughout the world.



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