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Alexandra Stuthridge is the South Island Commercialisation Manager for KiwiNet and she provides fantastic insights into the work KiwiNet do to foster innovation in New Zealand, why they are a major sponsor of the Challenge and why anyone with a great idea for solving healthcare problems should definitely apply.

EP 19: "The Healthcare Supernode Challenge"

Karl has an extensive background in both healthcare and technology having been a military physician through to being a GP and practice owner at Papatoetoe Family Doctors and Chief Clinical Information Officer at healthAlliance. Karl shares his hands-on experience of providing healthcare services enabled by the use of digital technology.

EP 18: Pt 04 “Virtual-Telehealth Series

Samuel Wong, VP Product Innovation, Vensa Health and recently commenced as Chair of NZHIT's Virtual Health Industry Group (VHIG). With close to 20 years’ experience in the healthcare sector including roles at St John New Zealand, ProCare, his own start-up business and now Vensa, Samuel talks about the uptake of virtual health, its implications for care providers, their customers and the changes occurring over the coming years.

EP 17: Pt 03 “Virtual-Telehealth Series”

A big upcoming announcement, the NZ HealthTech Opportunities Report & more

EP 16: Scott spills the beans on what his big announcement is really about

EP 15: A big upcoming announcement, the NZ HealthTech Opportunities Report & more

Shayne is the Deputy Director General for Data & Digital at the MOH.  He takes some time out of his busy schedule to talk about a range of topics from the pandemic response, the H&D System Review report, the important areas to be focussing on now & his vision for the future of digital health in New Zealand.

EP 14: “Interview with Shayne Hunter, NZ Ministry of Health"

Lloyd is the CEO & Head of Digital Health at Mercy Radiology-Healthcare Holdings Ltd and was a member of the NZ H&D System Review Panel. He shares his thoughts on the recommendations from the report, the importance of digital health tech plus those things that have been keeping him busy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

EP 13: “The H&D System Review Report & much more with Lloyd McCann"

Marian Johnson, Chief Awesome Officer at the Ministry of Awesome announces the launch of this fantastic innovations award programme that is now open for applications from the 29th of June 2020.

EP 12: Launching the HealthTech Supernode Challenge

A quick update from NZHIT CEO, Scott Arrol – Scott shares news about what’s happening this week and what to look out for on the immediate horizon.  Spend 5 minutes and get up to speed!

EP 11: “The week that was & the week ahead"

Kyle Forde, Chief Information Officer, WellSouth Primary Health Organisation – Kyle shares his experiences in supporting primary health care services in the Southern Region of New Zealand particularly general practice during the Covid-19 lockdown period, his thoughts on the future of virtual healthcare and the changing nature of business models, process flows and the provision of care all enabled by the enhanced use of digital technologies.

EP 10: Pt 02 “Virtual-Telehealth Series”  

Dr Ruth Large, Chair of the NZ Telehealth Leadership Forum, Clinical Director Information Services and Emergency Physician Waikato District Health Board – Ruth talks with Scott about the major uplift in the use of digital technology to support the ongoing provision of healthcare during the Covid-19 pandemic and locking this in for the future.The impact of COVID-19 on New Zealand tech businesses and opportunities it creates for the future.

e 9: Pt 01 “Virtual-Telehealth Series”  

Ben Reid, founder and director of Memia and former executive director of the NZ AI Forum, reviews the impact of the pandemic on the local and international tech scene, especially in relation to start-ups, and the opportunities this has created for the future.

Click for episode 8: The impact of COVID

Thorsten Engel, healthcare lead and partner at Deloitte New Zealand, shares his insights based on his many years in the sector and brings his global knowledge to discuss many areas such as telemedicine, analytics, AI, cognitive, contact tracing and much more.

Click for episode 7: How has COVID-19 impacted digital investments in healthcare across the globe?

Scott shares news about what’s happening this week and what to look out for on the immediate horizon.  Spend less than 7 minutes and get up to speed!

Click for episode 6: “A quick update from NZHIT CEO, Scott Arrol”

Faustin Roman, founder of Medical IT Advisors and CIO at Patients First discusses the collaborative security threat platform that he has built and is gathering partners coming together to fight against online threats and attacks. The “baddies” are very well organised and it requires an even higher level of organisation to protect systems, data and privacy so the use of digital solutions in healthcare can be trusted.

Click for episode 5: Cybersecurity in health; being more organised than the baddies

Dr Kevin Ross, CEO of Precision Driven Health and global leader in the field of artificial intelligence, talks about the advances being made with AI’s ability to process massive amounts of data, augment the delivery of health services, support clinical decision-making and help us all make better decisions about our wellbeing; along with the future of AI and it’s use in aiding the prediction of future disease outbreaks.

Click for episode 4: Predicting a pandemic before it happens with AI

Marian Johnson is the Chief Awesome Officer (great title by the way) of the Ministry of Awesome based in Christchurch, New Zealand. In this episode Marian talks about her passion for helping tech start-ups, the fantastic innovation environment being built in Christchurch, this country's huge advantages when it comes to building innovative tech companies and the launch of the "Health Technology Supernode Challenge" that will create opportunities for digital tech entrepreneurs from across New Zealand.

Click for episode 3: Why tech start-ups are gold

CTO of Microsoft New Zealand, Russell Craig, provides insights into the immense growth of the Teams product in New Zealand and globally, and how this is helping to drive further innovation and development of remote working and virtual healthcare services whilst providing a secure and stable platform for users. Russell also discusses the future impact of Microsoft’s decision to build a new data centre in New Zealand and how this underpins his company’s commitment to this country’s focus on becoming a truly digital nation.

Click for episode 2: Russell Craig, Microsoft NZ

Dr Will Reedy, CEO of  Spark Health talks about the massive amount of work that he and his team have been involved in during the past 8 weeks of the pandemic, the opportunities for transformation that have occurred as a result, his company’s plans for the future, the AI innovation programme and the recently launched 5G accelerator fund.

Click for episode 1:Dr Will Reedy Spark Health

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