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Membership is available to organisations and individuals with an interest in furthering their growth and development as well as make a contribution to the New Zealand and/or international health sectors.

You will become part of an active network made up of leading local and multi-national companies, universities, research institutes, health service providers and clinicians.  You will benefit from "being around the table" with the leading organisations in New Zealand along with gaining access to the following range of services - 

  • Business development / sector engagement forums and networking functions.
  • Subscription to our eBulletin and newsletters sent out at regular intervals during the year.
  • Product and services marketing channels through our website and the Industry Capability Matrix
  • Member rights as outlined in the NZHIT Constitution – including nomination and voting for the Board at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Participation in industry initiatives sponsored by the Government (including for example; Connected Health technical specifications, interoperability standards development, National Telehealth Forum, etc).
  • Participation in industry feedback to the Government on core policy and strategic areas (such as feedback on the National Health IT Plan and the Government Priorities for Research, Science and Technology).
  • Use of premises for members who need office or meeting room facilities in Wellington, NZ (on an 'as available' and pre-booked basis).
  • Strategic advice, support, and introductions.
  • Induction service for new members.
  • Tailored executive and sales team briefing sessions on topics of specific interest.
  • Access to events and services offered by the likes of NZTech, HINZ, MTANZ and NZBio.
  • Member-only communications around market intelligence, comings and goings in the sector and other key activities.
  • A range of partnerships with companies and individuals who can provide members with discounted services across a range of areas.
Membership Category Annual 1 Sep–31Aug
Health IT Companies
Health IT Revenue >$100 million $30,187
$50 million - $100 million $24,150
$25 million - $50 million $18,112
$10 million - $25 million $9,660
$5 million - $10 million $4,830
$2 million - $5 million $3,019
$1 million - $2 million $1,811
<$1 million $725
New Member Pre-Revenue $1,811
Supporting Members
State Sector $6,038
Consulting, Legal and Other $2,415
Local Government & Economic Development Agencies $2,415
Academic Member
Academic Member ie. Universities $4,830
Healthcare Providers
Revenue >$25 million $3,019
$15 million - $25 million $2,100
<$15 million
Pre-Revenue $1,811
Other Members
Individual $420

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Business support
Compliance/risk management
Custom software solutions
Facility management planning
Financial management
General training
Human resources
Incident reporting
Knowledge/document management
Patient entertainment
Patient satisfaction
Payment and claims
Payroll processing
Property and lease management
Revenue cycle management
Rostering and Scheduling
Supply chain solutions
Transcription services
Clinical document charting
Custom software solutions
Electronic medical records
Embedded software (use with devices)
Home health solutions
Intensive Care
Medical imaging/ PACS
Medical information/content
Notifiable Diseases
Nursing applications
Oncology information systems
Operating room systems
Patient administration
Personal health records
Public health campaigns
Shared care management
Specialist department systems
Telemedicine solutions
Medical grade hardware
PC’s / notebooks
Bar code/RFID tag solutions
Data management/warehousing
Digital Pens
Disaster recovery/business continuity
Hosted solutions
Integration/interface systems
Internet Service Provider
Video/telephone conferencing
Health ICT test bed/simulators
IT managed services
IT support services
Project management
Sandpit environment
System integration
Anaesthetic and respiratory
Assistive technology
Cardiovascular and vascular devices
Dental and maxillofacial technology
Drug delivery
Implantable devices (nec)
In vitro diagnostic technology
Infection control
Medical imaging/ultrasound
Mobility access
Ophthalmic devices/equipment
Orthopaedic devices
Radiotherapy equipment
Reusable diagnostic or analytic equip
Surgical instruments (reusable)
Wound care management

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