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COMRAD is New Zealand’s leading Radiology Information System (RIS). It consists of a series of integrated software modules that provides the modern radiology practice or hospital department with a state of the art radiology information management tool. COMTEL is New Zealand’s leading teleradiology and DICOM imaging system. Film Digitisers, DICOM image acquisition, image networks, image viewers, image storage and specialist hardware is available.
Enigma Publishing Ltd creates high quality information solutions for clinical decision support. It uses online technologies to provide products and services that enhance patient care and improve clinical outcomes.
is a major supplier of healthcare software. Our leading edge solutions offer a family of products for use by health professionals that meet the needs of the healthcare community from the point of care to health systems management. Intrahealth solutions are designed by health professionals, for use by health professionals. By maintaining clinical expertise within our company we have ensured that the clinical needs of our users and providers are the driving force behind the development of our solutions.
Sysmex is a market leader in the development and implementation of health IT products and services for clinical laboratories, hospitals and healthcare organisations worldwide. Sysmex New Zealand has demonstrated a long-standing yet dynamic culture of innovation, coupled with a strong global distribution network allowing us to advance our technical expertise in health IT through sustained growth. Proven benefits to laboratories, hospitals and healthcare providers include improved patient clinical services and efficiency advances leading to cost savings, ultimately translating to the delivery of better patient care.
The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) administers New Zealand’s accident compensation scheme, which provides personal injury cover for all New Zealand citizens, residents and temporary visitors to New Zealand.
The Ministry of Health is the Government's principal agent and advisor on health and disability. The Ministry of Health: * develops policy advice for the Government on health and disability issues * administers health regulations and legislation * funds health and disability support services * plans and maintains nationwide frameworks and specifications of services * monitors sector performance; and * provides information to the wider health and disability sector and the public. The Ministry is committed to improving the health and independence of New Zealanders, and to reducing the inequalities in health status between all New Zealanders including Maori and Pacific peoples.
The University of Auckland is New Zealand's pre-eminent research-led University. Established in 1883, it has grown into an international centre of learning and academic excellence and is New Zealand's largest university. More on the University's history The University is New Zealand's top-ranked tertiary institution based on research quality. The Performance-Based Research Fund review, released in 2004 by the Tertiary Education Commission, concluded that: "On virtually any measure, The University of Auckland is the country's leading research university. Not only did it achieve the highest quality score of any TEO [tertiary education organisation], but it also has by far the largest share of A-rated researchers in the country."
The University of Canterbury has a worldwide reputation for excellence and a well established track record in innovation and problem solving. By drawing on the resources of the University (whether it be people, facilities, or technology investment) we are able to provide opportunities that will place you and your business at the leading edge, the University of Canterbury is committed to helping business succeed.
A national, not-for-profit organisation focuses on improvements in business processes and patient care in the health sector through the application of appropriate information technologies.
Established in 1992, HISA aims to improve health care through health informatics.
This is the web site for the NZ HL7 Users Group
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