Our Board

NZHIT is a registered incorporated society established in 2002 (originally as the NZ Health IT Cluster). Our constitution provides for the NZHIT Board to be made up of six elected members who are representatives of our member organisations (elections are held annually in conjunction with the AGM).  In addition, the Chief Executive is also a member of the NZHIT Board and there is also provision to have up to four additional Board appointed individuals (co-opted or advisory) where it is considered necessary to provide specific knowledge and experience for the benefit of the NZHIT membership. The Board therefore is broadly representative of the New Zealand health IT industry in particular and the wider health sector in general; and acts to further advance the NZHIT Vision of “Enabling a Healthier New Zealand”.

  • Kate Reid


    Kate is a global health-care business leader with over 20 years of experience in delivering transforming consumer behavioural change programmes, creative marketing and technology enabled healthcare solutions. She is passionate about improving the health of a population by providing optimal personalised care for each and every individual.

    Kate believes that effecting sustained behavioural change relies on holistically managing all aspects of a person’s world not just their physical health. To do this effectively requires cross sector collaboration and partnership and a longer term view of managing people’s overall health and wellbeing. This partnership focus interfaces well with Kate's appointment to Orion Health in Dec 2015 as Director of Strategy and Partnerships where she worked on establishing a growing partner community unifying New Zealand’s health information and technology capabilities (NZ Health Inc.). Now as GM for Orion Health, she continues to drive towards a more integrated and collaborative landscape for better health outcomes for New Zealanders.

    Kate was elected to the Board in 2014


    Ross Peat

    Deputy Chair

    Ross is executive director and co-owner of the HealthSoft pharmacy platform companies which develop and market the RxOne solutions in New Zealand and Australia Ltd. He has extensive public sector governance experience and is currently deputy chair of REANNZ (govt-owned specialist telco focussed on universities and crown research agencies) and is a former deputy chair of the Crown-owned Institute of Environmental and Scientific Research Ltd (ESR).

    Ross is active in start-up and angel investment and is founding investor and investment committee member of the Tuhua Ventures Fund (part of the Icehouse ecosystem) and is a member of the Ice Angels. He is also a director of AUT Ventures Ltd.

    He has had extensive experience with multi-national tech companies and is a former CEO of Microsoft New Zealand (2002 to 2006).

    Ross was elected to the Board of NZHIT in 2017.


    Kate Rhind

    Board Member

    Kate is the founder and Managing Director of Healthpoint Ltd (Since 2004). She is passionate about cloud technology; enabling patient engagement and optimising interactions and decision making. Kate has extensive experience in general management, human resources, sales, brand and operational management.

    Kate was first elected to the Board in 2010 and was appointed Chair Delegate in 2012.


    Hamish Franklin

    Board Member

    Hamish currently heads up Innovation and Integrated Care across Green Cross Health’s Pharmacy, Medical and Home Health businesses. Prior to this, Hamish was a co-founder of Atlantis Healthcare, where he established the Australian (’03-’07), and UK & European (’07-’12) businesses, prior to working in the USA (’13-’15). During his tenure with Atlantis, Hamish worked to understand the primary care marketplaces in each of those countries, and establish programs of integrated care, specifically focused on improving self-management. Prior to that Hamish spent 10 years as a direct & loyalty marketer, establishing and growing 3 businesses that specialised in consumer engagement and behaviour change.
    “The highlight of my work at Atlantis was bringing together designers, writers, health psychologists, and primary care providers to create evidence based interventions that both improved health outcomes, and were engaging and valued by patients.”

    Hamish was elected to the Board in 2016.


    Russell Craig

    Board Member

    Russell Craig is Microsoft New Zealand’s National Technology Officer and a member of the Microsoft New Zealand leadership team. Based in Wellington, he works with regulators and policy-makers on a wide range of issues related to use of digital technologies across the public and private sectors.
    In his current role with Microsoft, Russell has been regularly engaged with the Ministry of Health – most recently in relation to the evolution of its policy regarding cloud services. In this work, he advocated for change on behalf of both Microsoft’s customers and the NZ health IT industry. Looking forward, Russell will continue to work with Microsoft’s global healthcare team to help enable digital transformation across the NZ health system, and support local health IT vendors to develop innovative products and services that are locally and globally relevant.

    Russell was co-opted to board in 2016 and was then elected to the Board of NZHIT in 2017.


    Stephen Vlok

    Board Member

    Steve is Co-founder and CEO of Celo, one of New Zealand's most recent and innovative health IT companies. With a background in chemical and process engineering, Steve has a passion for creating efficient and effective systems. Improving communication in healthcare is just one of the areas that he believes can greatly improve the outcomes of patients in New Zealand and abroad. Raised in rural New Zealand, and surrounded by a family of healthcare professionals, Steve has witnessed the inefficient forms of communication that are prevalent in the healthcare sector. Working closely with clinicians, Steve and his team at Celo have grown Celo from a small start up to a tool that has become an intrinsic part of many health providers in New Zealand. The Celo network is growing daily and we value the engagement of not only clinicians but also the patients being served by the Celo system.

    Steve was elected to the Board in 2017


    Sinclair Hughes

    Co-Opted Board Member

    Sinclair has worked in the health sector for 26 years as Director and Business Manager of Incisive Medical Systems based in Christchurch. He has extensive IT and business management experience selling to the private specialist and private surgical hospital sectors in New Zealand and abroad.

    Sinclair was elected to the Board in 2012 and co-opted in 2015


    Simon Martin

    Advisory Board Member

    Simon is a partner at specialist Technology Media and IP law firm Hudson Gavin Martin. Simon has worked advising Technology clients both here and overseas for over 25 years. His firm advises a number the NZHIT members.

    Simon’s firm is a member of the NZHIT and Simon is looking to support the work of NZHIT through working as an adviser to the board.


    Scott Arrol


    Scott is a highly experienced leader and manager with a broad commercial, business development and governance background particularly in the New Zealand health sector. He has spent the past 16+ years at the forefront of significant growth and service delivery changes in both the home-based and aged residential care sectors along with other key areas of the primary health and early childhood education sectors. Scott has held management roles in significant organisations including Healthcare of New Zealand, Radius Health and Kindercare. A member of the NZ Institute of Directors, Scott sits on the NZHIT Board and is a Trustee for Harbour Sport (the regional sporting trust for the North Shore-Rodney Districts). From an academic perspective, Scott received a Master in Business Administration (with Distinction) from the University of Waikato, has lectured in strategic management at the Waikato Business School and has been a management mentor for a number of years.


    Talie Schmidt-Geen

    Membership & Operations Manager

    Talie has a strong business background, a broad skill base and a strong working knowledge of senior administrative and management roles within the following industries: NZ and Australian Government, Maori Health, finance, marketing, printing, fundraising and in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Her skills and experience, developed over many years, provide a solid foundation for the delivery of sound business partnership outcomes.

    Prior to NZHIT she worked at Janssen-Cilag (Johnson & Johnson) for nearly 14 years, providing business support services to their New Business Development team, who operated in 13 countries within the Asia Pacific market.